A two-way dialogue

Pau, Justícia i Institucions Sòlides

The Institut Guttmann has made a particular effort in 2022 to improve and optimise digital ecosystems in order to improve the configuration of digital tools to extract data more objectively, both qualitatively and quantitatively, from all web pages as well as from the digital marketing campaigns we run. In addition, we have developed positioning and monitoring tasks for the web ecosystem of the Fundació Institut Guttmann.

To do this, we have configured Google Tag Manager on all our websites to analyse user behaviour in relation to browsing within our entire digital environment, and we have created specific pages on all our websites to obtain real data on the contact conversions that are completed for each of them. Additionally, we have configured the new version of Google Analytics with the restructuring of new properties and G4 views to update the platform and get new statistics, and we have created personalised dashboards and reports, establishing goals and alerts.

In 2022, the Institut Guttmann continued to work with surveys to receive and analyse assessments from participants in the different initiatives, therefore implementing improvements and meeting the needs of our target audiences.

It is important for the Institut Guttmann to find out first-hand about the opinions and needs of participants in any of the activities, seminars and programmes offered. The results obtained in satisfaction surveys are analysed and are always a great help when moving forward with our continuous improvement.

Opinions in the website

In 2022, we have incorporated the “Send us your opinion” form on our main websites to make it easier for people to send us suggestions, complaints or thanks that help us improve every day.

We have also optimised the “Contact us” section on our web pages to aid communication channels and streamline requests for information from patients.

Personal data and confidentiality

Compliance with data protection regulations is of great importance for the institution in all its areas. This is a duty of all professionals and collaborators who are part of the Institut Guttmann who may have direct or indirect knowledge of the data of patients, members of the organisation and other people with whom it relates.

  • The Institut Guttmann rigorously supervises the authorisation of the use of images of patients and/or family members in the media, with the patient or his/her legal guardian needing to sign an informed consent form.
  • Mailings or online newsletters comply with the new European regulations, with the corresponding authorisation from their recipients.
  • The Institut Guttmann Foundation does not use advertising or communication that could be considered commercial for any of its services with regard to the care services offered by the Neurorehabilitation Hospital.
  • During the 2022 financial year, no incident was received related to communication, marketing, promotion or sponsorship, as well as any formal complaint regarding a breach in confidentiality of personal data, nor any sanction as the result of not complying with norms in relation to care, scientific or teaching services.

Professional staff sign an acceptance of the Code of Ethics when starting their contractual relationship, and are informed of the “Protocol of good practice for professionals and partners for the protection and security of personal data”.

The Institut Guttmann implements the highest levels of security to all the information it processes within the current data protection regulations.

Furthermore, it has a data protection delegate who is registered in the DPD register of the Administration. They can be contacted via the following email address: protecciodades@guttmann.com.

The data management system of the Institut Guttmann is attached to the Code of Conduct of the Unió Catalana d’Hospitals and is periodically subject to legal compliance audits carried out by an external body.