Covering letter

Presentation of the Guttmann Institute Report

The 2019 ANNUAL REPORT of the Institut Guttmann Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility Report, described the most relevant facts completed by the organization during this year, while gathering the set of actions promoted and developed in compliance with the objectives set out in the 2019 Program, based on the “Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020”.

One of the most outstanding actions of this 2019 has been the finalization of the “Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020” with a good result for the marked goals achievement. A period of intensity and with ambitious objectives that have allowed us to grow as an organization:

  • To reaffirm our international position in the provision of specialized clinical services;
  • To gain strength and visibility as an international centre of knowledge in neurorehabilitation and neuroscience, both in research and in innovation and teaching;
  • To believe in social commitment, to innovate also in this field of action;
  • To preserve the excellence that characterizes our organizational model, while improving our commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • To design, build and set up the new “Guttmann Barcelona” centre, in line with our commitment to care for our patients and new diseases, in order to ensure the future viability of our institution.

All these goals have been met thanks to talent, to the effort and to the commitment of all the Institute Guttmann team.

A year in which also:

  • We have drawn up the “Strategic Plan 2020-2025 of the Institut Guttmann” which will enable us to consolidate the progress of the last few years, to grow more in terms of organisation and to strengthen our social commitment to the people and also to our country. It defines the Strategic Objectives and the Action Plans to achieve them, which will allow us to set the annual operational objectives at both the assistance and scientific and social levels over the next six years.
  • We have started the “Guttmann Barcelona” initiative with the neuroclinic, the adapted apartments and the transfer of the “Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic®” initiative. That represents major organizational complexity but also a new enormous potential.
  • We have designed a new Organisational Assistance Model that focuses on the person with the greatest potential in their speciality and in which five knowledge clinics have been defined. In order to define this new model, we have decided to involve stakeholders in a dialogue process.
  • We have incorporated Professor Álvaro Pascual-Leone into the new neuroclinic “Guttmann Brain Health Institute” so that he leads the Clinic of Dementias and Cognitive Disorders, the Clinic of Brain Health and the development of the “Non-invasive Stimulation Unit”, in addition to continuing to perform his current functions as a researcher and a scientific adviser of our Foundation.
  • We have renewed our corporate image with a new logo which is more inclusive and with greater consistency with our areas of assistance: brain health, acquired brain damage, mental health, neurodevelopment in children, diseases associated with chronic pain, etc.
  • We have maintained all our national and international accreditations related to organizational excellence and corporate social responsibility and reputation of our institution.
  • We have proceeded to create the new area of Empowerment and Quality of Life, linked to the Neuropsychology and Social Work area, with the aim of adapting our welfare and social model to the new report of the disability that emerges from the “International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” of the United Nations.
  • We have made important advances in the area of research and clinical innovation. Along with an important number of projects, we have three good news items for 2019 that give us the confidence to be on the right track:

(i)    “la Caixa” has renewed its commitment to the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative project for three more years.

(ii)  This is confirmed that our research team has been granted an economic endowment by the Joan Ribas Araquistan Foundation to develop the project “Prehabilitation of Brain Tumour Sequels” for a period of three years.

(iii)  The presentation and good reception of the project “Participa” promoted by our Institute with the support of the associations of people with disabilities presented to the Social Council. A social research project that aims to identify the most important facilitating factors and barriers to the participation of people with functional diversity in society.

In short, 2019 is a year in which we can all feel satisfied and proud of the good work done, and we thank our professionals for their dedication and, also, all the Friends of the Institut Guttmann for being at our side and giving us their confidence and support.