Participation and social inclusion programmes

Programes de participació social i inclusió social

The hospital’s Participation and Social Inclusion Programme offers recreational, artistic, social and leisure activities aimed at patients and their families. The purpose of the Participation and Social Inclusion Programme is to promote the comfort of our patients and their loved ones by offering person-centred leisure, artistic, social and educational activities.

This programme encourages occupational participation in artistic, leisure, socio-educational and psychosocial activities; it promotes proactivity, supportive social relationships, cohesion between families and patients, and respect for and awareness of functional diversity.

Over 2,500 people have taken part in the scheduled activities in 2022.

This year was the first since COVID in which it was possible to schedule activities without interruptions. This has helped us consolidate the programme and the loyalty of patients and families. A total of 116 sessions were carried out, split between activities inside and outside the premises, celebrations and activities led by volunteers from the Institut Guttmann.

The help and participation of the volunteer programme has been a key element in the development of the activities programme, as our volunteers have ensured it has been a success.

Classification of the sessions held in 2022:

Evaluation and feedback

Group activities offer a very high level of satisfaction to participants. This can be seen in the 195 satisfaction surveys collected throughout the activity of the Participation and Social Inclusion Programme in 2022, in which the overall level of satisfaction obtained was 9.97.

Some of the activities carried out are shared below:

Exhibition Trazos de mundo

“GGGG grup”, a company made up of artists with emotional difficulties, brought an exhibition to the Institut Guttmann in March. The artists expressed their experiences and visions through colours, figures and abstract drawings.

No totes les girafes tenen taques (“Not all giraffes have spots”)

Laia Sauret came to the Institut Guttmann in May to present her book in which she tells the story of her son, conveying the message that difference should not represent anything negative to us. She organised an art workshop in which participants could design their own bookmark.


FILMETS, the TV Badalona film festival, came to the Institut Guttmann in October. After the selection of short films by the Social Integrator, two viewings of these were carried out with a subsequent debate.

Tibetan bowls

In November Maestro Meraki guided us through a relaxation and vibration session with Tibetan bowls, where patients and their family members enjoyed a different and energetic experience.

Christmas concert

The Badalona 2×4 choir offered a Christmas carol concert for patients and their families and for all employees of the Hospital Units of the Badalona centre.

In addition, we celebrated some special dates with patients and families at the hospital, including:

Children’s carnival show with “El SAC”

The sociocultural entertainment company “El SAC” held a carnival party for the Institut Guttmann’s children on February 24, with a dynamic show full of audience participation, followed by their own fancy dress party.

Women’s Day

With the participation of patients and their families, a cooperative mural and purple ribbons were made in afternoon sessions during February to give a voice and visibility to Women’s Day within the IG. In addition, on 8 March, purple ribbons were distributed to professionals, patients and their companions throughout the centre.

Sant Jordi’s Day

As a weekly activity in March and April, roses for St. Jordi’s Day were designed and prepared, then distributed throughout the hospital.

Revetlla de Sant Joan (Saint John’s Eve)

To celebrate Saint John’s Eve, the company “El SAC” put on a very entertaining show with patients and their families on the hospital terrace.

Chestnut Roast and Karaoke

On 27 October we held a traditional chestnut roast accompanied by karaoke for patients and their companions.

World Disability Day

On 3 December we celebrated World Disability Day, staging a choreography that all professionals from both the Badalona hospital and Guttmann Barcelona could take part in, dancing to make functional diversity more visible.

Christmas party

Thanks to the participation of Tager’s entertainers and our volunteers, we celebrated Christmas with a party full of emotions, music, magic and gifts, where adults and children alike and their companions spent the afternoon laughing and dancing

In addition, the volunteers from the Institut Guttmann organised a parade through the Hospitalisation Units, giving each patient a Christmas gift and one of the Christmas cards made by students from different schools in Badalona.