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Comunicació responsable

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 The Institut Guttmann puts its responsibility and desire for transparency into all the communication processes that govern its actions in relation to messages, channels and supports aimed at the internal and external audiences it communicates with. 


The Fundació Institut Guttmann has an extensive portal with more than 600 pages of information and more fluid and satisfactory navigation for users. Without leaving the website, they can find new information and services that may be of interest. The web portal is recognised as an Accredited Medical Website.

The Fundació Institut Guttmann website has continued to be consolidated after its first year of operation and maintains an average of 34,000 visits per month.

The Institut Guttmann awarded the Avedis Donabedian Prize for the best website

The Institut Guttmann has been awarded the Avedis Donabedian Award for the best website of a healthcare institution, held in April at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona. This is the new website of the Guttmann Institute Foundation, published in December 2021 with a new approach and design.

Based on a user study, we made a structural renovation and the navigation model in order to accommodate the various types of users and the different information they need at any given time according to the phase they are in. A website designed for users, to help them understand the pathology and ways to deal with it, as well as to put at their disposal the solutions or services with which we can accompany them.

Throughout 2022, the website accumulated 399,586 users who consulted more than 500,000 pages. The users are mainly from Spain (67%) but it should be noted that 9.75% are from Mexico. This year, the analytical data reflects the following results:

  • 399.586 users
  • 423.608 visits
  • 502.725 pages

Regarding the origin of the visits, more than 67% are from Spain, followed by 9.75% from Mexico. The rest, in order, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

53.9% of users access via mobile device, while 44.34% do so from a desktop computer and 1.86% from a tablet.


The Guttmann Barcelona website is also recognised as an Accredited Medical Website, showing the different specialisms treated at our clinics and our traditional and innovative treatments that are applied in a personalised way.

The website of the Institute of Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation receives around 18,000 monthly visits and is consolidated as the second means of entry for patients to the Barcelona centre.

During 2022, the data analysed give the following results:

• 145,000 users
• 163,723 visits.
• 230,000 pages.
• 70.8% women vs. 29.2% men.

Regarding the origin of the visits, the five countries that receive most visits are: 40% are from Spain, followed by 20% from Mexico, followed by users in Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. Almost 60.6% of users access through a mobile device, while 39.4% do so from a desktop computer or a tablet.

Visit our facilities with our new virtual tours

The Institute of Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation (Guttmann Barcelona) and the website of the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments already have their respective 360° virtual tours.

Both virtual tours include a tour of the facilities in which each space is accompanied by a short text with information and, in some areas, illustrative videos. The virtual tour can be taken comfortably using any device: a computer, tablet or mobile.

See them here:

Social networks and other digital environments

Social networks have continued to be a point of reference as an information channel for news, developments and hospital activities. Several actions were carried out during 2022, and within LinkedIn we have increased followers by 18% and reactions to our publications by 155%. As for Instagram, followers have increased by 9% in Badalona and 15% in Barcelona.

The YouTube channel had more than 94,000 views in 2022, with the number of subscribers increasing by 8% with over 155 new videos. The SiiDON portal for information on resources related to disability had a total of 109,459 users in 2022, with 270,827 pages visited.

The language used by the institute on social media and in other digital environments is accessible and clear; no inappropriate language is used and capital letters are not overused.
The photographs that accompany the content are always taken with the permission of the individuals that appear in them, in compliance with established guidelines.
We review all content that followers publish, respecting the right to freedom of expression and if it is considered pertinent, any comments that may cause offence or that use inappropriate language are deleted.

2022 data – Followers in social media

Facebook: 20.376 followers
Twitter: 12.357 followers
Linkedin: 12.165 followers
Instagram: 12.500 followers

Publication, once again, of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report in web format.

We presented the ANNUAL REPORT and Corporate Social Responsibility Report in June 2022. The report describes the most important events carried out by the organisation throughout the year and is presented in an interactive and environmentally sustainable web format.