Strategic alliances

The Institut Guttmann establishes alliances and formal agreements with other institutions, organisations and/or companies with similar or complementary objectives to its own, in order to undertake and develop its founding objectives better.

At the last review in 2022, the organisation had maintained a total of 316 agreements distributed among its different areas of action.

The Institut Guttmann bases its alliances on the tenets of fairness and transparency that pursue its institutional objectives and seek mutual benefit, refusing any relationship or association with other organisations that may lead to an ethical conflict with its institutional aims, objectives and values.

University and Teaching4013%
Applied innovation3511%
Social Council, Associations and Others4915%
Strategic alliance between the Germans Trias Hospital and the Institut Guttmann

Joint collaboration between both health institutes to perform bariatric surgery on morbidly obese patients with spinal cord injuries. A unique initiative for this pathology at national level.

Both organisations have created a referral circuit that will make it possible to regularly operate on this type of patient after undergoing a multidisciplinary assessment by the Endocrinology/ Nutrition, Digestive Surgery, Anaesthesiology and Rehabilitation teams, among others. The aim is to offer a great improvement in accessibility, quality and life expectancy of patients with these pathologies.