Volunteers help directly and are committed to the organisation’s mission, as well as having an enriching experience. They offer effective support and accompaniment to patients and/or their families, improving their well-being during the stay in the centre, offering more humane, friendly and close attention.

The work of the volunteers is aimed at all patients who are undergoing intensive neurorehabilitation treatment at the Institut Guttmann, as well as their families, loved ones and social circle, and all participants in participation programmes in this area such as the Vida Activa programme and the Sports&Life Guttmann Club programme.

All volunteers carry out initial training. In 2022, the Institut Guttmann had 43 volunteers, 35 of them active. Of these 35:

  • 17 are external to the Institut Guttmann
  • 8 are former spinal cord injury patients
  • 6 are former brain injury patients
  • 4 are relatives of former patients

The main activities carried out by volunteers were accompanying patients, both in the hospital and during outings outside the hospital, translation, taking part in different leisure and entertainment activities for patients and families and participation programmes in the area. There is also a Volunteer Committee for representative purposes.

In addition, since 2022 and within the Volunteer Programme, volunteers carry out guided tours for newly arrived patients and their families to introduce them to the centre’s facilities and make the reception process more welcoming. In 2022, 32 guided tours were carried out.

Below are some relevant data in relation to volunteer activity at the Institut Guttmann during 2022:

Service sessions performed748
Total number of hours of services1.536
Registration of new volunteers40
Volunteers leaving27
Information campaigns on volunteering1
Initial training sessions2
Participants in initial training30
Specific training sessions1
Participants in specific training13