University Institut

Institut Universitari

As a University Institute attached to the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), the Institut Guttmann Foundation has the mission of developing academic, scientific and research aspects in neuroscience both in general and, specifically, in neurorehabilitation and technologies applied to personal autonomy, in particular.

The Foundation’s activity in relation to Knowledge is mainly divided into two areas: the Research Center and the Teaching Area. From the latter, the transfer of knowledge and quality training in the field of neurorehabilitation and neuroengineering stands out.

The University Institute is governed by an Internal Academic Quality System, accredited by the AQU University Quality Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It structures all training and academic processes based on the AUDIT program of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation, and on the recommendations of the European Association for Quality Assurance -ENQA-, with the aim of always guaranteeing a teaching activity of quality, multidisciplinary, and that prepares students to become the best professionals who will improve the quality of life of the neurological patients of the future.

During 2019, we strengthened the position of the Institut Guttmann with respect to national and international research organizations. We have established a collaboration agreement with BUSQUEDA to promote the establishment of synergies with other centers and we have continued to collaborate with the World Health Organization, since our participation in the “Second Global Rehabilitation 2030 Meeting” and the definition of the 2030 Agenda to enhance the development of rehabilitation at the global level as a strategic element for sustainable development.