An efficient environmental management

an efficient environmental management

In order to achieve these good results, during 2019 a series of investments and environmental expenses have been made, such as:

Waste collection 38.929,58 €
Replacement of bulbs by LED lightening 38.929,58 €
Practical session about Environmental
Statement news
4.786,24 €
Internal audit of ISO 14001:2015 Certification
and EMAS Verificació EMAS
363 €
2nd Follow-up of the external audit
of ISO 14.001: 2015 Certification and Verification
Platform to identify and evaluate
environmental legal requirements
and industrial regulations.
701,80 €
Audit (legal compliance assessment) 6.413 €
Total (t) 56.154,62 €

In addition, Institut Guttmann providers are subject to an initial assessment before they are approved, and to a subsequent periodic assessment based on environmental issues, among other criteria.


The Purchasing Service is responsible for choosing between the options offered by the market for goods and services in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Institut Guttmann and based on purchasing protocol, using mainly quality criteria. .

Also it takes into account sustainable criteria in purchasing, and these can reduce costs, improve the image that the institution offers to patients, suppliers and professionals, and contribute to protecting the environment.

Sustainable purchasing criteria:

– Select suppliers and providers that have environmental certifications (ISO 14.001, EMAS, etc.).
– Choose eco-label certified products
– European Union Ecolabel.
– AENOR brand – Environment.
– The German “Blue Angel”.
– The Norwegian “Nordic Swan”.
– The Generalitat de Catalunya Emblem of Environmental Quality Guarantee
– Favouring the purchase of biodegradable or environmentally friendly cleaning products.
– Choosing products lightly packaged or that recyclable to reduce waste.
– Opting for items packaged in glass or cardboard that are easily recyclable. – Complying with our ISO 14.001 environmental certification.