Neurorehabilitation Hospital

The Institut Guttmann is an international center of reference in neurorehabilitation, specialized in medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people (adults, youth and children) with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disabilities of neurological origin. Its objective is to provide specialized, comprehensive, intensive, continuous, personalized care based on scientific evidence and at the highest human, scientific and technical level.

It is part of the National Health System (SISCAT), registered with the number U0898244T the Registry of Health Centers, Services and Establishments of the Department of Health, and it is arranged with CatSalut for the specialized care of the beneficiaries of the public health system. Through agreements with the main mutual accident at work insurance companies, with insurance agencies, and with the main private health care entities, it also offers care to many patients, as well as directly to private patients.

The Institut Guttmann is accredited by the Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad de España como “Centro de Referencia Nacional – CSUR – para el Tratamiento de la Lesión medular compleja”. The renowned Joint Commission International certification guarantees that the center complies with the organization’s international quality standards for healthcare and management.

On the verge of turning 55 years of experience in the treatment of people with disabilities of neurological origin, the Institut Guttmann healthcare model is based on the intervention of a multidisciplinary expert team configured, in a personalized way, for each patient. This model, together with the quality and experience of hospital professionals, and modern facilities that continuously incorporate the most innovative technologies in the specialty, place the Institut Guttmann among the first hospitals in the world in its field.

Service portofolio

The Institut Guttmann portfolio of services includes all the clinical benefits necessary to give the most agile and effective response possible to medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people (adults, youth and children) with an unexpected disability of neurological origin.

Faculty team

The Institut Guttmann faculty team is published on the institutional web portal. You can access through this link.

Hospital Activity

Regarding healthcare activity, during 2019 a total of 5,099 people were treated at the hospital, of which 1,064 (20%) were for the first time.

Catalunya 92,8% (Barcelona 82,7%, Girona 7,4%, Lleida 4,2% and Tarragona 5,7%)4.729
Rest of Spain 5,4% and from overseas 1,8%370
Catalunya 69,3% (Barcelona 74,8%, Girona 10.3%, Lleida 6,9% and Tarragona 8,0%)563
Rest of Spain 22,6% and from overseas 8,1%250
Total new patients1.0331.0431.1041.1291.064
By type of injury
Spinal cord injury235235234225230
Acquired brain damage564551606639580
Others (GB, PNR, Dystrophy, myopathies and others)96119132137254

Regarding healthcare activity, during 2019 a total of 5,099 people were treated at the hospital, of which 1,064 (20%) were for the first time.

Of the total number of patients attended, 813 have been through hospital admission. The Functional Child Rehabilitation Unit has attended 251 boys and girls up to 16 years of age. The hospital has attended 94 foreign patients and 331 operations have been performed in terms of surgical activity.

The distribution by age and sex of the patients attended during 2019 was as follows:

From 0 to 16 y/o1432363797,43%
From 17 to 30 y/o1543144689,18%
From 31 to 45 y/o3816801.06120,80%
From 46 to 60 y/o6951.1221.81735,64%
Over 60 y/o5478271.37426,95%
Total 1.9203.1795.099

Our patient’s opinion

From the Admissions and User Service Area, the improvement towards our patients has been promoted, taking into account their perception of our center. After collecting the evaluations in the opinion polls, the result obtained with respect to the quality perceived by hospitalized patients in the survey on the global assessment of care is 8.98 out of 10.

It should be noted that 96% of the surveyed patients stated that they would return to the hospital. Of the 17 items evaluated, more than 90% are positive ratings (level of excellence) and no item is below 70% (level of improvement).

97% Human treatment received by staff
98% Confidentiality of personal data
96% Test information
94% Clear and understandable explanations
98% Feeling of being in good hands
96% Would return to this hospital
98% Cleanliness of the facilities

During 2019, 11 complaints were received in which a written response was given with an average delay of 6 days. (5 healthcare, 2 related to safety and 4 related to compliance with internal regulations).