Responsible communication

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The Institut Guttmann transfers its responsibility and willingness to be transparent in all the communication processes that govern its actions in relation to the messages, channels and supports aimed at the internal and external publics with which it relates.

Accredited Institutional Web Portal GUTTMANN.COM

The institutional web portal of the Institut Guttmann is recognized as an Accredited Medical Web and has the HONCODE certification, from the Swiss Health on the Net Foundation, which certifies that the medical contents posted on the public web are true, are contrasted by medical or scientific publications and that the institution has an Advisory Council that reviews the contents before uploading them to the web.

This year, the analytical data reflect the following results:

392,339 users have visited the website.
– These have made 492,094 visits.
– They have visited more than 820,644 pages.
– 69% of users are women and 31% are men.

As for the origin of the visits, more than 35% are from Spain followed by 23% from Mexico. The rest, in order, are Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Ecuador, United States, Chile and Ukraine. Almost 60% of users access the site via mobile devices, while 38% do so from a desktop computer and 2% from a tablet.

Social networks and other digital environments

The language used by the institution in social networks and other digital environments is accessible and close, we do not use bad words or an abusive use of capital letters.
The photographs that accompany the contents are always taken with the consent of the people who appear as they mark the compliance of the established guidelines.
We review all content that followers publish, respecting the right to freedom of expression and if deemed appropriate, those comments that may be offensive or with swear words are removed.

Facts 2019

Facebook: 17.564 followers
Twitter: 10.177 followers
Linkedin: 3.832 followers
Instagram: 5.340 followers

During 2019 the Institut Guttmann has promoted the construction of a new web project:

  • Guttmann Brain Health Institute, the website of the new clinic specially conceived and designed to offer the best diagnosis and the most advanced treatments to respond to functional problems, both motor and cognitive and behavioral, affecting people who suffer from a neurological disease or some kind of neuropsychiatric disorder.