Social programmes

Prevention and Social Awareness

The 3rd Sustainable Development Goal of the Global Pact, Health and Welfare, in which the Institut Guttmann as a health organization carries out a relevant task, also includes the purpose of reducing by half the global number of deaths and injuries caused by road accidents.

The Institut Guttmann develops initiatives for prevention and awareness.


During 2019, 869 talks have been given in 380 schools in Catalonia, with some 48,636 students. In November, the Annual Meeting of monitors was held with a new format with applied dynamics that have helped us to put into value the new discourse of disability. The event was held in Guttmann Barcelona, taking advantage of the occasion to show the new facilities to monitors, and with the aim of providing the monitors with ad hoc communication tools for this new social discourse of disability.

Throughout the year, 869 GAME OVER talks were given to 380 schools in Catalonia.

The surveys carried out with the students, three months after the session, reveal the following:

  • 93% remember very much or quite a lot the monitor’s personal experience.
  • 90% remember very much or quite a lot the cause of the accident and 94% its consequences.
  • 86% consider that the talks have a positive influence on the prevention of risk behaviour related to driving.
  • 47% say that they have had changes in their behaviour related to traffic.
Road Safety Education Meeting “Driving and accident prevention”

As well in July, the 8th Road Education on Driving Meeting “Driving and accident prevention. A necessary learning throughout life” was held with more than a hundred attendees. There were Local Police, Mossos d’Escuadra, Game Over monitors, trainers, driving schools, mutuals and people responsible for the Catalan Traffic Service. The Dr. Josep M. Ramírez and Mr. Juli Gendrau, director of the Catalan Traffic Service, welcomed the audience to the conference. This welcome included the opening speech by Dr. David Bueno, doctor in Biology and professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona, who explained how neuroscience helps us to influence in a positive way to configure our brain in order to make it more plastic and receptive to new learnings.

Trobada Educació Viària

On the other hand, the Fundació Institut Guttmann has continued the information sessions from the “Talking” program with talks held at the hospital and aimed at both, schools and other people together with institutions interested in learning about the problems affecting people with disabilities and the work carried out by our institution. During 2019 the sessions have been carried out with a new renewed format, more agile and focused on adapting it to the different profiles of attendees with a total of 17 sessions and 992 participants.

Constitution of the National Pact for Safe and Sustainable Mobility

The Institut Guttmann has participated in the act of constitution of the National Pact for Safe and Sustainable Mobility in the Palau de la Generalitat, presided over by the president Quim Torra and the councillors of the Interior and Territory and Sustainability, Miquel Buch and Damià Calvet. This meeting showed the importance of the joint work of all social agents to achieve the objectives set by the European Union to reach the horizon of 2050 without fatalities or serious injuries with lifelong consequences.


Salut i Benestar
SiiDON, a Comprehensive Information Service for Neurological Disability.

The SiiDON continues to grow as an informative portal that compiles documentation, information and specific resources on the different areas that have a special impact on disability of neurological origin.

Enter and discover all that it offers the SiiDON in one click!

During 2019, the SiiDON has reached 82,000 users and more than 285,000 page views. This means an increase of 59.7% in the number of pages consulted and 74.6% of users compared to the previous year.

In 2019, there are important steps in the commercialization of the advertising spaces and in the contracting of the resources by third parties, as well as with the increase of educational plants by the different hospital areas such as Neuropsychology and Social Work.


The Magazine “Sobre Ruedas” published its 100th issue in 2019 and has done so with an extraordinary edition that has collected different views, opinions and experiences of different people and organizations that have been very present throughout its 35 years of history, contributing to society its commitment to clinical innovation, research and teaching and to the defence of the rights of people with disabilities.

Issues 101 and 102 have also been published with monographs dedicated to the right to housing, and new trends in innovation and robotics applied to neurorehabilitation.

The SiiDON is consolidated as the platform for consultation of the digitalized version of the magazine with almost 300,000 pages consulted.

Social Innovation and Disability Collection

During 2019, we have worked on the 3rd volume of the Social Innovation and Disability collection focused on accessibility, inclusion and social participation. In order to develop this new publication, which will be presented during 2020, three presential face-to-face debates have been held, moderated by the journalist Gemma Tramullas, and with the participation of more than twenty reference specialists from different fields of both private companies and public administration. Thus, we have had the collaboration of Ms. Catalina Devandas, UN rapporteur on disability, Mr. Jesús Hernández Galán from the Fundación ONCE, Mr. Juan Carlos Ramiro from CENTAC, Mr. Miguel Angel Valero from IMSERSO and Mr. Francisco Iglesias from the Generalitat de Catalunya, among others.

Scientific Workshops

XXXI Technical Workshops of the Institut Guttmann

In 2019 the XXXI Technical Workshops of the Institut Guttmann were held under the title “Neurotechnology and Rehabilitation” on October 30th at the Palau Macaya. These technical worshops, in a much more scientific edition and with a more specific focus than other years, brought together more than a hundred professionals from research, innovation, engineering and applied robotics as well as an important nucleus of students and teachers from the field of neuroscience. The conferences were held in collaboration with Obra Social “la Caixa”, the Fundación Abertis and Hocoma.

The workshop was attended by scientists such as Ander Ramos from the University of Tübingen, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone from Harvard University and Dr. Artur Serra from the i2Cat Internet Research Center.

The day before the workshop, the Institut Guttmann and Hocoma jointly organized a workshop on “Updating in Robotics” at the Guttmann Barcelona facilities on the optimization of new technologies and their use in neurological patient rehabilitation. Professionals from the Institut Guttmann and Hocoma clinicians and therapists participated in the workshop.

Jornades científiques
Workshop on Minority Diseases

The Institut Guttmann and the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospitalheld their Workshop on Rare Neuromuscular Diseases in March to publicise part of what is being done both in terms of the care of these patients and in the research in some minority diseases. The welcome was given by representatives of the Institut Guttmann and the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, accompanied by Dr. Cristina Nadal, representing CatSalut, and Mrs. Teresa González, First Deputy Mayor of Badalona City Council. The conference was held with more than 60 attendees and in three exhibition and debate tables. In the first table, the situation of minority diseases in the health system was discussed, in the second table different professional profiles shared the challenges of the multidisciplinary approach to these pathologies, and finally, the third table focused on research and the latest innovations in this field.

Integration to the community

These projects are developed -in part- in the community and where the patient himself, together with a group of expert monitors or patients who make him a reference point, carry out a set of standardizing and completely inclusive activities. These programs are:

Sports&Life Guttmann Club

In 2019 the number of users of the Sports & Life Guttmann Club has grown, an environment aimed at ex-patients and other people with a neurological injury who, regardless of their functional abilities, want to participate in sports, leisure and/or cultural activities adapted to their needs.

More than 200 people are already participating in the activities. In 2019 we started with cultural activities such as visits to La Pedrera, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the CRAM Foundation and, also went to the theatre; some of them are already self-managed by the patients themselves. There have also been outings, accompanied by family and friends, at the La Molina skiing station, on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya of Montmeló, a paramotor flight in the Serra d’Àger, kayaking in Llançà, etc.

In 2019, 19 activities have been organized within the Sports & Life Guttmann Club program, 5 more than the previous year.

Sports & Life 2019 activities

  • The magic of La Pedrera
  • Skiing at La Molina
  • Formula 1 Test Days
  • ¡Ponle freno! Adults
  • Paramotor
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Quetx navigation
  • Waterpolo Champions League
  • Martial Arts
  • Adrenaline in the water!
  • Shakespeare’s beasts
  • Baptism of diving to the open sea
  • Poblenou Dragon Mile
  • Figueres race – Christmas Lunch

Children’s Sports & Life 2,019 activities

  • Let’s save a dolphin
  • Ponle freno! for children
  • Learning at the museum
  • Running all together
Camp Spinal H2O

On August 31, 2019, the starting shot was fired for the 3rd edition of Camp Spinal H20, which has established itself as the most important water sports event for people with spinal cord injuries. Between August 31st and September 6th, 57 participants between users and instructors, with different types of injuries and coming from countries like Norway, Sweden, England, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, enjoyed a week full of sports activities in addition to other activities aimed at enhancing their functional independence.

Camp Spinal H2O is the international campus for water sports, co-organized by the Institut Guttmann and the Sunnaas Foundation of Norway. The campus, with the aim of promoting the autonomy of the young people with disabilities who participate, includes sports activities, activities to improve their functional independence and tourist visits to the city of Barcelona.

Camp Spinal H20
Camp Spinal H20
Youth Ability Camp

As a novelty, in 2019 we celebrated the 1st Youth Ability Camp, the first paediatric summer campus of the Institut Guttmann with about thirty patients between 10 and 18 years old with acquired brain damage or infantile cerebral palsy. Organized with the support of the Johann Cruyff Foundation, during 4 days it allowed the boys and girls to do sport and cultural activities such as tennis, paddle surfing, volleyball, Natural Science Museum, etc., working also on therapeutic aspects of their rehabilitation such as memory, planning, attention, etc.

The base camp was the Barcelona International Sailing Center and the boys and girls were always accompanied by physical education teachers, neuropsychologists and physiotherapists from the Institut Guttmann and the Sunnass Hospital in Norway together with expert instructors, Master’s students from the University Institute of the Institut Guttmann and ex-patients from the hospital with brain damage.

Youth Ability Camp
Youth Ability Camp
Salut i Benestar

Promoting inclusive physical education and sport

“Delfines de colores”
Dofins de colors

The Delfines de colores initiative has continued during this year, incorporating cards sent by the schools that have participated and others belonging to the Institut Guttmann’s own team of professionals, highlighting proposals for secondary school students.

This year, we have started to work jointly the Delfines de colores together with the “Move and…you will see” initiative due to the evident synergies between both initiatives in the field of inclusive schools.

In addition, the Delfines de colores is expanding its application as a working tool in the summer camps of the Club Natació Sabadell and the Eina Cooperativa de Terrassa, and adds new proposals for activities aimed at secondary school students with the aim of encouraging participation in adolescents with and without disabilities.

Move and… you will see!

The Institut Guttmann celebrated the 16th edition of the Move and … you will see! in April with the participation of more than 250 students from infant, primary and secondary schools in Centelles, Badalona and Barcelona. As usual, we had the collaboration of students and future teachers from the Universitat Ramon Llull-Blanquerna. As mentioned above, this year we wanted to give special relevance to the synergy that the “Delfines de colores” initiative can bring to children’s games in schools and how this platform can be a very interesting tool for teachers when it comes to providing them with innovative proposals for inclusive games and sports activities.

Mou-te... i Veuràs!
Sports Games

The 15th edition of the Institut Guttmann Sports Games for the promotion of adapted sports was held on October 15th and 16th. This year, the games included the celebration of the World Day Against Pain with a series of activities such as yoga, tennis, spinning, hockey, volleyball, boccia, rugby, fencing and badminton. The traditional talk was given by Mr. Sergio Garrote, runner-up in the World Handbike Championship.

Open International Tournement d’Hoquei

In April, the 3rd International Open Tournament of Electric Chair Hockey took place at the Institut Guttmann, organized by the Dracs Club Esport Adaptat with the participation of 3 other teams from Italy, Holland and Germany. The awards ceremony of the tournament was attended by the Mayor of Badalona, Mr. Àlex Pastor.

Fitness Day

On 24 September, the Institut Guttmann was once again present at Fitness Day, the popular fitness festival organised by the Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE), on the occasion of the Festes de la Mercè. In it some monitors of the Institut Guttmann outline in an accessible way the activity for people with disabilities.

Other institutional activities

Change of logo of the Institut Guttmann

Last June, the Board of Trustees of the Fundació Institut Guttmann approved the updating of the institution’s corporate image. Thus, fifty-four years after the inauguration of the hospital and almost thirty years after the appearance of what has been our logo until now, the decision has been taken to change the wheelchair for a new image that is kinder to the diversity of people we serve, more modern and innovative, preserving the institutional values that have always characterized the institution and providing greater coverage for all the brands and diversity of services we offer both from the Hospital of Neurorehabilitation in Badalona and from the Guttmann Barcelona initiative.

Institut Guttmann. Hospital de Neurorehabilitació. Institut Universitari
Celebration of the Corporate Social Responsibility Weeks

Committed to our corporate social responsibility and the desire to go one step further, this year at the Institut Guttmann we have begun organizing the CSR Weeks in the organization. The aim of these weeks is to schedule activities for professionals coordinated with those of Objectives for Sustainable Development that the 2030 agenda of the Global Pact sets.

– Thus, last June the Institut Guttmann organized for the first time the Environment Week with a program of awareness activities for professionals, patients and families. Throughout the week we held workshops on environmental decoration, an awareness talk, a cinema forum and on June 5, coinciding with World Environment Day, professionals and volunteers were informing and raising awareness about the importance of taking care of the planet in two stands at the reception of the Hospital in Badalona and the new Guttmann Barcelona centre.
– In November, the Interpersonal Relations Week was held, where we were able to generate environments for debate and knowledge about subjects such as relations between equals regardless of gender, race and/or origin, conflict resolution and the management of emotions.

Collaboration with the Fundació FCB with La Masia Solidària project

The Masia Solidària Programme is carried out in collaboration with the Fundació Barça and aims to involve the different teams of the Club in different social causes in order to work on the values in an experiential way. Thus, throughout the year we have received visits from different sections of FCB basketball, volleyball, handball and water polo, and a group of patients were able to visit La Masia of Barça.

Ceremony for the “Vamos” ColaCao Scholarships

In September, the ColaCao “Vamos” Scholarship award ceremony was held at the Neurorehabilitation Hospital, attended by the Director of the Superior Sports Council, the NBA basketball player, Mr. Ricky Rubio, and the General Director of ColaCao.

The event started with a press conference where the scholarships were awarded to the players of the adapted rugby team of the Barcelona Universitari Club (BUC) formed by patients of the Institut Guttmann. The team captains, Darío Salcedo and Pau Navarro collected the prize that will allow them to renew the team’s rugby chairs. Later, the team played a match with Ricky Rubio and other patients.

Premios "Vamos" Cola-Cao