Working with associations

Treballant amb les associacions-rsc

11. Ciutats i Comunitats Sostenibles

The Fundació Institut Guttmann is a Social Initiative Entity that, with its hospital of Neurorehabilitation and its Guttmann Brain Health Institute neuroclinic, offers the best medical-rehabilitative care, but also continues to work and ensure, as always, the reincorporation of disabled people into the social environment, the development of social programs from which deploy a whole range of activities, and from this 2019 with the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments, for the promotion of independent living.


Throughout its history, the Fundació Institut Guttmann has been characterised by a high degree of social commitment and by working hand in hand with associations representing people with disabilities. For this reason, the Institut Guttmann has a Social and Participation Council, among its governing bodies of a consultative nature, and the president of which is a member of the institution’s Board of Trustees, to encourage the participation and co-responsibility of all the actors involved in the development and objectives of the Foundation’s activities.

During 2019, the Institut Guttmann has continued to cooperate with the main associations of people with disabilities, especially those that form part of the Social and Participation Council.
– The Institut Guttmann has collaborated with MIFAS and the events celebrating its 40th anniversary.
– The Institut Guttmann has participated in the board of directors and in different working groups of ECOM Catalonia.
– ASPAYM has celebrated its General Assembly in the Guttmann Barcelona facilities.
– The management of FEDACE visited the Hospital of Neurorehabilitation in Badalona.
– The Institut Guttmann has participated in the 1st Congress on the Right to Personal Autonomy, organised by COCEMFE Barcelona.


In addition, in September, the vast majority of the associations of the Social and Participation Council played a leading role in the presentation of “Participa”, a social research project on social innovation and disability that aims to identify facilitators and barriers to social participation of people with disabilities. The project needs, for its implementation, the involvement and active participation of the main associations of people with disabilities in the recruitment of the more than 2,000 volunteers who are going to participate in the study.