Materials and consumption

Materials and consumption

One of the main commitments of the Institut Guttmann, as stated in its Mission, Vision and Values, is to be an organization of excellence, sustainable and respectful of the environment.

For this reason, the Institut Guttmann has a demanding Environmental Policy that sets out the strategies and values that must govern the institution in terms of respect for the environment, which is based on the Strategic Plan 2014-2020 and which the most important examples of the institution are the international certification ISO 14.001 and the EMAS European recognition. From the Corporate Responsibility Policy derives the Environmental Plan and the Annual Environmental Objectives Program.

The successive operational objectives included in the institution’s annual General Programme are derived from the Environmental Plan, which is approved annually by the Management and is also subject to consideration by the Board of Trustees in its basic guidelines.

The Guttmann Institute has a manual of good environmental practices in which indicates the best environmental practices that can be carried out in each process or area of the institution.

Regarding the objectives of environmental preservation and energy saving

According to the established program, during this year the lighting has been changed by LEDs to the following locations, improving the lighting and its consumption, as well as the safety of the users.
– Level +1: Infrastructures, Services and Environment, Management, Nursing Management, Communications, Medical Area, distributor and archives, classroom +1.
– Self-service and cafeteria.
– Stair blocks (1, 2, 3, staff, sports stands, car park level -3).
– Public toilets.

The air conditioning of the different areas of the hospital has been controlled, adapting the temperatures to the needs in each period. We have carried out water saving measures, closing the irrigation water in case of rain, and the integration of the Environmental Management System with energy has been done with the aim of passing both certifications. The water network has been modified with 4 new pumps in the boiler room and pump room, guaranteeing the correct operation of the installation and the consequent energy savings.

During 2019, the Guttmann Institute has continued to carry out awareness campaigns aimed at workers, patients, families and other users, informing them of the importance of our collective and individual commitment to the environment (waste segregation, energy saving, silence, etc.), in order to preserve and maintain the quality of life in all of our areas. An Environmental Week was held in June, both at the Neurorehabilitation Hospital and the new Guttmann Barcelona centre, coinciding with the World Environment Day.

In 2019, the legal compliance audit by an external entity was carried out as part of the process of implementing the legal platform of environmental requirements and industrial regulations and periodic audits were continued on the classification of the different waste, following the implantation of a selective system of collected of waste for his treatment and recycling.

During 2019 the Environment Committee has met twice, monitoring the objectives and certifications, providing new ideas and their representatives and managers had informed all areas.

The consumption of products and materials at the Institut Guttmann is based on the basic raw materials used in a hospital. Below, the amounts consumed over the last 3 years of the most relevant products:

Oxygen (m³) 8.471,429.967,6910.263,79
Medicinal Air (m³) 14.514,2415.589,7415.431,98
Office paper (t) 4,02054,08354,030
Paper hand towels (t) 5,16964,26304,2210
Toilet paper (t) 2,65122,89402,6360
Diapers (t) 6,38126,53877,5284
Syringes (t) 0,26510,26970,2909
Sodium hypochlorite drinking water (t) 0,3840,4160,416
Sodium hypochlorite soap (t) 1,03251,18801,1700
Water softener salt (t) 1,45001,3751,250
Dishwasher detergent (t) 1,17751,04400,913
Degreaser (t) 0,5850,50000,4105

The 2019 Environmental Declaration details the historical evolution of these consumptions, as well as the weighted values with respect to the number of people working there.

With regard to energy consumption, the Guttmann Institute encourages the responsible use of the three energy sources that supply the hospital, all of which are provided by external companies.

Electricity 2.738,492.863,862.746,09
Natural Gas 2.378,982.577,162.568,81
Diesel/Petrol95 13,171018,935219,8513
TOTAL (MWh) 5.160,645.459,955.334,75

Energy intensity is one of the indicators of an organization’s energy efficiency. The Institut Guttmann calculates it as the ratio between energy consumption and annual turnover:

IE:  5.334,75 MWh /   25.261.497,88: 0,0002112 MWh/€.

We need 0,2112 MWh to bill 1.000,00.

The results of the data depend on factors such as climatology and the needs and typology of the patients treated.

Comparison of energy consumption:

2017: 5.160,65 MWh // 14,58 MWh per person employed.

2018: 5.459,95 MWh // 14,88 MWh per person employed.

2019: 5.334,75 MWh // 14,38 MWh per person employed.

Regarding the hospital’s water consumption, 100% of the water used comes from the supply company. Consumption during 2019 has been:

Sanitary use and cleaning the facilities 14.548
Watering garden areas 12.134
Total: 26.682

The Guttmann Institute does not recycle or reuse the water consumed.