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Prevention and Social Awareness

The Institut Guttmann works on prevention and social awareness   initiatives, and this year, despite the added difficulties due to the pandemic which made matters particularly complicated, it immediately reacted to find useful and valid alternatives to continue responding to this need in the community and take action in this area of the foundation’s social commitment.


After a pause during the worst months of the pandemic, the Game Over Programme was adapted to continue giving talks in primary and secondary schools. For this reason, the online talks with our monitors began in September. The monitors were therefore given a specific training session so that they could give talks in schools digitally. During 2020 a total of 772 talks were given (448 face-to-face and 324 online) to 303 schools in Catalonia with a total of 32,584 students.

In spite of the difficulties, 772 GAME OVER talks were given to 303 schools in Catalonia throughout the year.

The surveys done with the students three months after the session reveal the following:

• 92% remember a lot or quite a lot of what the monitor tells them about their personal experience.

• 89% of the students remember a lot or quite a lot of the causes of accidents and 95% their consequences.

• 88% consider that the talks have a positive influence on the prevention of risky behaviours related to driving.

• 57% state that they have made changes to their behaviour related to traffic.

Road Safety Education Meeting “Driving and accident prevention”

At the end of the year the Institut Guttmann once again organised the 8th Road Safety Meeting for police officers and Game Over monitors. This year, the meeting was about digi tools and new ways of online training, and was chaired by Professor Albert Sangrà from the Open University of Catalonia.

“Tot conversant” (“Talking”)

Despite the limitations of the pandemic and the pause in the programme between the months of April and September, during 2020 the “Tot conversant” awareness talks were held in online format. By the end of 2020 a total of 8 sessions were run (4 face-to-face and 4 online) with 665 attendees, of which 314 were face-to-face and 351 online.

National Pact for Safe Mobility

The Institut Guttmann took part in the conference organised by the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Servei Català de Trànsit to constitute the National Pact for Safe and Sustainable Mobility. The objective of the Commission set up for this purpose is to face the present and future challenges of mobility and promote the improvement of actions with the goal of reaching the horizon of 2050 without traffic victims. The participation of the Institut Guttmann took place within strategic axis number 2 “Promoting the safety and health of people” with the presentation of cognitive stimulation programmes (GNPT®) to improve faculties related to driving in people over 60 years of age.

Traffic accident prevention campaign with the Abertis Foundation

The Institut Guttmann collaborated in the creation of the Abertis Foundation’s new road safety campaign “Yo te llevo” (“I’ll take you”) to prevent traffic accidents, alongside the DGT. The advertisement was filmed within the hospital premises.


Salut i Benestar
SiiDON, a service offering comprehensive information on disability that is neurological in origin.

SiiDON has grown considerably during 2020 as an information portal that brings together documentation, information and specific resources on the different areas that are particularly affected by disability that is neurological in origin.

Enter and discover everithing ofered by SiiDON in just one click!

In order to provide guidelines, exercises and rehabilitation videos, as well as specific recommendations to patients and families during the most complicated months of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, our special Covid-19 platform was launched on SiiDON.

This portal has been made available and shared through the media and the web portals of the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​the Government of Andorra, the Department of Health, the Department of Employment, Social Affairs and Families, the Department of the Interior, the Unió Catalana d’Hospitals and other hospitals and health organisations. It was recognised as Good Practice by the Campus Arnau d’Escala Foundation and the Department of Employment, Social Affairs and Families at the conference “Rights and Innovation in services to people in times of crisis”.

During 2020, the number of registered users of the SiiDON platform grew by 25% and page views increased by 86%, with over 23,000 visits in just 4 months.


Issues 104, 105 and 106 of the Sobre Ruedas Magazine were published in 2020, giving special coverage to issues related to Covid-19 such as the Rehabilitation Programme for sequelae in post-Covid-19 patients developed by the hospital, challenges and social policies for people with disabilities caused by the pandemic, and the impact of the pandemic on collectives who are socially most vulnerable.

SiiDON is consolidated as the platform for consulting the digitised version of the magazine. The most read articles in each issue have been: “Las últimas investigaciones nos acercan a la recuperación de la lesión medular” by Dr. J. Benito and Dr. E. Opisso; “La alimentación en personas con Movilidad Reducida” by Dr. E. Capdevila; and “Exoesqueletos robóticos para volver a caminar” by J. Font, J. Lobo and A. Rodríguez with 96, 701 and 526 views respectively.

Social Innovation and Disability Collection

Given that 2020 was a unique year that also coincided with the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann, a single act of celebration was held in a hybrid format and open to everyone by streaming, including the presentation of the “3rd book in the Social Innovation and Disability collection” together with the presentation of the “PARTICIPA Social Research Project”. Both projects had the participation of people with disabilities in society in common.

Scientific Workshops

Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the Institut Guttmann!

2020 was the year of the 55th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann. The circumstances forced us to rethink the programme of planned activities and finally the decision was taken to hold a single celebratory social event with entertainment, in a hybrid format and broadcast by streaming to all audiences, especially the Friends of the Institut Guttmann and associations of people with disabilities.

This event, held on 27 November, was not only an act of celebration but also of reflection and proposals for new challenges, as well as the presentation of the 3rd book in the Social Innovation and Disability Collection and the launch of the PARTICIPA social research project.

Designed with an attractive television format, the event was broadcast by streaming and had 1,500 followers across the different online platforms YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


With the slogan “Building the future day by day”, the Institut Guttmann showed its commitment to continue being a leading organisation in Neurorehabilitation and Brain Health but also to continue working and building a new social discourse of disability based on innovation and social transformation, with the aim of working together with associations for people with disabilities to create new public policies that ensure equity and social justice. Based on this commitment to social innovation, the event saw the launch of the new PARTICIPA social research project, which works to ensure the social participation of people with disabilities.

The event took place at the stunning Ona Libros bookshop in Barcelona and was presented by the journalist Mònica Terribas. It featured leading figures from the disability area, such as Jesús Celada, Director of Disability Policies of the Government of Spain; the lawyer and writer Jordi Cabré; the activist Antonio Centeno, and Anxo Queiruga, president of COCEMFE, amongst others. Other figures from the academic, political and social field include Manuela Carmena, Dolors Bassa, Joan Subirats and Iñaki Gabilondo.

Scientific conferences

In December the Institut Guttmann held its 32nd edition of the Technical Symposium “Brain Health for Life” with the collaboration of the “La Caixa” Banking Foundation and Biocat. It had a completely innovative online format with conferences, presentations by entrepreneurs and meetings with investors, among others.

The day included the 3rd Annual Meeting of Volunteers on the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative project, also in online format, where volunteers found out more about the progress made during the year in the project, especially in issues relating to Covid-19 and brain health.

Another year, our workshop on rare diseases

On 2 March, the Institut Guttmann and the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol held their workshop on rare diseases in Can Ruti. They jointly organise this event every year to mark World Rare Disease Day. On this occasion, the workshop was entitled “Multidisciplinary approach to rare diseases”, offering a dialogue between different specialties and a global approach to the treatment of this type of disease. The last part of the day was dedicated to getting up-to-date on current research.

Specialists from the Hospital Germans Trias, the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP), the ICO Badalona and the Institut Guttmann took part in the workshop, as did representatives from patient associations.

Integration to the community

These projects are run in part in the community and where patients themselves, along with a group of monitors or expert patients who can act as role models carry out fully inclusive and mainstreaming activities. These programmes are:

Sports & Life

Sports & Life Guttmann Club, our programme of inclusive sporting, leisure and cultural activities, had to be suspended during 2020 due to the lockdown and restrictions, so we were only able to run the first two activities of the year, which were a day out skiing in La Molina and a trip to Montmeló to find out more about Formula 1.

In spite of this, we used our time during the year to work on new proposals and ideas to expand the Sports & Life programme and be innovative with activities aimed at adults and children.

Camp Spinal H2O

During the week of 1 September, along with the Sunnaas Foundation we held the 1st online Camp Spinal H20 with a set of training videos with advice and recommendations from expert monitors on how to practise sporting and watersports activities in an adapted and inclusive way within a natural and mainstream environment.

We could not run the camp due to the pandemic but it was decided to reformulate it in this way to continue offering practical advice and encouraging young people with spinal cord injury to set their own limits and experiment with sporting activities in an inclusive way.

Salut i Benestar

Promoting inclusive physical education and sport

“Dofins de Colors” initiative
Dofins de colors

The Dofins de Colors portal, now with over 180 teaching cards, has become a virtual resource used by many schools and colleges, leisure centres and summer camps during the summer of 2020. More than 300 children and young people were able to take advantage of this inclusive sports online platform aimed at children under 16 years of age.

New proposals for activities adapted to Covid-19 safety measures have been incorporated and many schools took part with their own game cards.

In addition, in December we received a proposal from Barcelona City Council’s Office for Children, Young People, Seniors and People with Disabilities to work together, based on the Dofins de Colors Programme, to create a programme of activities to promote inclusive playing in Barcelona’s public children’s parks. This is being worked on throughout 2021.

“Mou-te… i Veuràs!” and Sports Games

The Institut Guttmann could not celebrate in 2020 a new edition of the “Mou-te… i Veuràs!” and the Sports Games due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other activities of the institute

The Institut Guttmann keeps up the Christmas spirit despite Covid-19

Traditional Christmas activities also had to be adapted to the situation so as not to miss the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with patients and families and, especially, with our young patients in rehabilitation.

Children receiving rehabilitation treatment after school hours were divided into small groups that, in turn, worked to improve their functionality in smaller “bubbles”. Every afternoon from 14 to 18 December, there was a celebration with the aim of keeping the little ones in the Christmas spirit and getting them excited. The children loved their video call with Santa Claus thanks to the collaboration of Meet Santa and were surprised by the personalised messages they received, as well as being able to open their Christmas gifts!

In addition, Santa Claus visited us in person during the afternoon to deliver gifts to the children admitted to the hospital in their rooms, and some very beautiful Christmas cards were also delivered to all of our adult patients, made by primary students from six schools in Badalona.

All these details were possible thanks to Meet Santa, Eureka Kids, Veríssimus Association, Artesa del Corazón de Sta. Margarita de Montbui, and schools in Badalona: Escuela Rafael Alberti, Escuela Las Ciencias, Escuela Miguel Hernández, Escuela López Torrejón, Escuela Virgen de la Salud, Instituto Escuela Nuevo Badalona.

20 years working with TMB to promote accessibility in the city of Barcelona

The Institut Guttmann and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona have celebrated 20 years working together to promote accessibility in the city of Barcelona. Both entities have collaborated since 2000 to promote the autonomy of people with disabilities in the use of public transport, promoting their inclusion and participation in the community. More than 2,000 patients have taken part in almost 400 actions to support mobility within the programme to promote personal autonomy through the use of public transport as part of the rehabilitation process for patients admitted to the Institut Guttmann.

The Institut Guttmann offers a service with guidelines for people with cognitive, behavioural and emotional needs during lockdown

In the exceptional circumstances that we have experienced, groups of people with disabilities (and especially those with cognitive and behavioural disorders) especially suffered the negative effects caused by isolation and lack of routine.

For this reason, the Institut Guttmann openly made available to everybody a comprehensive information service on neurological disability within the SiiDON web portal, with a section providing information specifically designed to respond to these needs.

Celebrating Carnival

Carnival was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the hospital! Chewbacca, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and other characters from children’s stories and films took the opportunity to take photos, dance and spread smiles among the children, young people and adults at the Institut Guttmann.

During the children’s party there was also a face painting workshop, music, costumes by the Asociación Veríssimus and a delicious chocolate workshop with the “Xocolater de Taradell” who taught us how to make a carnival mask with the finest chocolate.