The aim of the Teaching Area of the Institut Guttmann as a University Institute is to contribute to the specialist training of health professionals linked to the world of neurorehabilitation, allowing them direct, rigorous and practical access to major diagnostic, technological and therapeutic advances in this clinical specialty. Our teaching offer ranges from university master’s degrees, postgraduate courses and an expert programme, to practical training, both in MIR and in other disciplines.

The most relevant event in 2020 was the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on both teaching theory and practical sessions: we adapted to mixed teaching in our university studies (virtual for the theory classes and face-to-face for practical sessions). We have also included Guttmann Barcelona in the internship teaching offer for our master’s students.

The following teaching activities took place in 2020:

  • Master’s Degree in Neurorehabilitation (60 ECTS).
  • Master’s Degree in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation (60 ECTS).
  • Master’s Degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (90 ECTS). The first intake of this new master’s degree that aims to train engineers in a multidisciplinary way with a high level of skills that allows them to easily adapt to positions of responsibility in hospitals, companies or research centres in the field of neuroengineering and health rehabilitation.
  • Postgraduate courses (accredited by the UAB).
  • Expert Programme in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in Brain Damage.
  • MIR programmes, to train resident intern consultants in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.



During the year 2020, a total of 171 students have followed different training actions among all the available teaching options (it should be noted that the same student can enroll in more than one line during the same period).


25 Master’s Degrees in Neurorehabilitation

22 Master’s Degrees in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

22 Master’s Degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation
47 Postgraduate courses (accredited by the UAB)
2 Expert Programme in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in Brain Damage


• We helped to train 18 resident intern consultants in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

• Participation in the practical training of 42 professionals from different clinical disciplines such as Physiotherapy, Nursing, Psychology, Speech Therapy, etc., and 12 clinical assistant students, 1 administrative assistant, 1 Higher Level Training Cycle (CFGS) in manufacturing of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and related products, and 1 in social and health care.

• 4 professionals from Institut Guttmann have been invited to participate in teaching different master’s degrees, courses and seminars organised by universities and hospitals in Spain and overseas.


The Santi Beso Arnalot Documentation Centre has continued to provide services to professionals and students interested in specific information and literature, consulting our document collection and databases, finding articles, Internet access, etc.

Throughout 2020, we served 350 users (72 in person and 278 online). Due to the pandemic, the total number of in-person visits was very low.

Regarding requests for articles, a total of 1,896 were requested, of which 100% were fulfilled; of these, 69% were requested by internal users of the Institut itself and 31% by external users.

The Documentation Centre makes available a replica of its entire digitised bibliographic collection on the SiiDON web portal, where students’ final master’s projects, doctoral theses and articles by our professionals and summaries of magazines subscribed to, among others, are kept up to date.