Materials and consumption

Materials and consumption

One of the main commitments of the Institut Guttmann, as reflected in its Mission, Vision and Values, is to be an organisation of excellence that is sustainable and respects the environment.

It therefore follows a demanding Environmental and Energy Policy that reflects the strategies and values that should govern the institution in terms of respect for the environment and energy, which is based on the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and of which its highest exponents are the ISO 14.001 and ISO 50.001 international certifications and EMAS European recognition. The Environmental and Energy Plan and the Programme of Annual Environmental and Energy Goals derive from our Corporate Responsibility Policy.

The successive operational goals included in the institute’s Annual General Programme, which is approved annually by the Directors, with its main guidelines also being subject to the consideration of the Board of Trustees, derive from the Environmental and Energy Plan.

The Institut Guttmann has a manual of good environmental and energy practices with the best environmental and energy practices that can be performed in each process or area of the institution.

In relation to environmental protection and energy-saving goals

• Following the established schedule, this year we have changed to LED lighting in the following locations, improving lighting and its consumption, as well as the safety of users:

– Level +1: Human Resources, IT, Ecofin.
– Level -2: Pharmacy Area, Purchasing Service, Laundry, Linen Store, Male and female changing rooms.

• The temperature control of the different areas of the hospital has been controlled, adapting temperatures to seasonal needs.

• We have taken water saving measures, turning off the irrigation system when it rains.

• The environmental management system has been integrated with the energy system and subsequent certifications.

• We have continued to carry out awareness-raising campaigns aimed at staff, patients, relatives and other users, informing them of the importance of our joint and individual commitment to the environment (waste sorting, energy saving, silence, etc.), to preserve and maintain our quality of life in all areas.

• Regular audits have continued to be made on the classification of different types of waste, following the implementation of a selective waste collection system for treatment and recycling.

• The gas network has been modified by adding a new meter in the Laundry to differentiate between consumption by the Kitchen and the Laundry. • The Environment Committee met once in 2020, following up on goals and certifications and providing new ideas. All areas have been informed by their representatives and managers.


The consumption of products and materials in the Institut Guttmann is based on the basic raw materials used in a hospital. Here are the amounts consumed of the most relevant products over the last 3 years:

Oxygen (m³) 9.967,6910.263,7912.866,87
Medicinal Air (m³) 15.589,7415.431,9814602,66
Office paper (t) 4,08354,03014602,66
Paper hand towels (t) 4,26304,22104,2850
Toilet paper (t) 2,89402,63601,9980
Diapers (t) 6,53877,52841,9980
Syringes (t) 0,26970,29090,2327
Sodium hypochlorite drinking water (t) 0,4160,4160,3840
Sodium hypochlorite soap (t) 1,18801,17000,8050
Water softener salt (t) 1,3751,2501,825
Dishwasher detergent (t) 1,04400,9131,240
Degreaser (t) 0,50000,41050,2740

The historic evolution of this consumption is given in the Environmental Declaration 2020, as are the weighted values with regard to the number of people working there.

With regard toenergy consumption, the Institut Guttmann encourages the responsible use of the three energy sources that supply the hospital, all of which all provided by external companies.

Electricity 2.863,862.746,092.756,53
Natural Gas 2.577,162.568,812.551,09
TOTAL (MWh) 5.459,955.334,755.333,18

Energy intensity is one of the indicators of an organisation’s energy efficiency. The Institut Guttmann calculates it as the relationship between energy consumption and annual turnover:

IE:  5.333,18 MWh /  27.856.244,97 €: 0,0001914 MWh/€.

We need 0,1914 MWh to bill 1.000,00.

The results of the data depend on factors such as the weather and the needs and type of patients treated.

The comparison of energy consumption was:

2018: 5.459,95 MWh // 14,88 MWh per person employed.

2019: 5.334,75 MWh // 14,38 MWh per person employed.

2020: 5.333,18 MWh // 12,18 MWh per person employed.

(data on professionals from previous years have been corrected in 2020 as they were not the totals)

Regarding the hospital’s water consumption, 100% of the water used comes from the supply company. Consumption in 2020 was:

Sanitary use and cleaning the facilities 11.352
Watering garden areas 9.055
Total: 20.407

Institut Guttmann does not recycle or reuse water consumed.