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The 2nd year of Guttmann Barcelona

2020 was the second year of activity for the new Guttmann Barcelona centre, as the first patients started receiving treatment at the new facilities on 14 January 2019.

A total of 790 people from the activity in the different clinics were seen in 2020.

The Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments, which opened in February 2019 with 12 apartments, increased in 2020 to give 26 operational apartments. During 2020, a total of 35 users enjoyed this service, representing an average occupancy of 69%.

Ágora Guttmann Barcelona

We were able to run two Ágoras in 2020, one on Fibromyalgia and Pain in February and a second on the Treatment of Post-Covid Sequelae in June. The first was in person and the second in person and online. Some 354 people took part in the two Ágoras, 109 in person and 245 online.

Independent Living Plan

In February, a presentation of the Independent Living Accompaniment Plan was organised for users, family members and professionals of Guttmann Barcelona Life by technicians from the Empowerment and Quality of Life Area of ​​the Institut Guttmann. The aim was to publicise and facilitate the implementation of a philosophy of independent living among people with disabilities, thereby helping to create a more inclusive, egalitarian society with equal opportunities for all.

The main objectives are based on promoting empowerment to boost social transformations, promote the right of people with disabilities to decide on personal and individual aspects, provide guidance on support services and encourage social participation and peer support.

To develop this plan, the new Guttmann Barcelona centre in La Sagrera has already started to offer individualised support for those users who require it. This consists of a series of meetings with the independent living technician in which a process of shared reflection takes place. It is always the individuals themselves who lead their empowerment process. In addition to these meetings, peer support groups and awareness talks will be organised.

Superbike Championship with 5G at Guttmann Barcelona

In September, the presentation of the first immersive sport experience with 5G technology in Catalonia was held at Guttmann Barcelona in collaboration with the Conselleria de Polítiques Digitals i Administració Pública, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals. The sporting event was the World Superbike Championship, and it offered a fanzone in Guttmann Barcelona from where one of our patients was able to make use of 5G technology to broadcast the event in first person, in real time, in an immersive and personalised way.