Guttmann, NeuroPersonal Trainer®


2020 was an atypical year due to the pandemic and all the resulting restrictions, affecting the normal routine of many hospital services. Nevertheless, we have continued making improvements to the platform to continue offering the best service.

  • The robustness and functionality of the platform has continued to be improved by incorporating a new layer of commercial and administrative management. This has allowed for more exhaustive control of clients, resulting in an improved service.
  • We continue to increase the value of the clinical professionals who use the tool through training with the free Online GNPT® Course. By the end of 2020, a total of 330 certificates had been sent.
  • In 2020 the number of users increased compared to 2019 by 16.4% (3,548), and the number of sessions by 38.4% (107,031), accelerating at the end of the year with the reopening of a large number of services.
  • There was a change in terms of access to our services, as if before lockdown (March 2020) the percentage of home treatments was 12.8%, by the end of the year this already accounted for more than 25%, providing a solution to the growing demand for services for all patients who could not access the centres.
  • The platform is currently available in over 300 centres around the world, covering the whole of Spain.
  • Also deserving a mention is the introduction of the GNPT® platform to the Andorran Health Service at the end of 2020 and the global agreement to incorporate the platform with the leading company in the residential sector, DOMUSVI.