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Fundació Institut Guttmann

The Fundació Institut Guttmann is a private, non-denominational, non-profit social initiative entity, established by Catalan civil society. It is an efficient example of a public-private partnership. It holds registration number 189 in the Register of Private Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Justice. Classified as a caring charitable organisation since 1965, it is an entity considered a beneficiary of patronage in accordance with Law 49/2002, of 23 December, “on the tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage”. Since its constitution in 1962, its Articles of Association establish the foundation’s objectives and operation.


2020 was the first year of the implementation of the new “Strategic Plan 2020-2025”. It was a year that was strongly marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant that it was not possible to carry out in full all the objectives set out in the 2020 Programme due to the restrictions put in place by the different authorities.

One of these was not being able to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann as originally planned. The pandemic forced us to rethink the programme of planned activities and finally the decision was taken to hold a single celebratory social event with entertainment, broadcast by streaming and especially aimed at the Friends of the Institut Guttmann and associations of people with disabilities, including those that are part of the Social and Participation Council.

The 3rd book in the Social Innovation and Disability collection and the Participa social research project were officially launched at the event. Both projects have the social participation of people with disabilities in common. The event took place on 27 November at the delightful Ona Libros bookshop in Barcelona and was presented by the journalist Mònica Terribas. It featured leading figures from the disability field, such as Jesús Celada, Director of Disability Policies of the Government of Spain; Manuela Carmena, former mayor of Madrid; the lawyer and writer Jordi Cabré; the activist Antonio Centeno; Anxo Queiruga, president of COCEMFE, and Dolors Bassa, former Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat of Catalonia, among others.

Designed with an attractive television format, the event was broadcast by streaming and had 1,500 followers across the different online platforms YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Follow-up of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025

However, the 2020 Programme represented an exercise in continuity but looking more openly towards new lines of activities and services based on neurorehabilitation and the promotion of brain health. Despite the exceptional nature of the year, it fulfilled 84.7% of its objectives overall.

The new Strategic Plan 2020-2025 includes the mission, vision and institutional values ​​that help set our course to continue growing as a healthcare and knowledge organisation, whilst in turn reinforcing our commitment to serve people and in our country, adapting to the new social reality that we live in.

“The Institut Guttmann is a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to develop, implement and achieve the comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disability that is neurological in origin, to carry out research and teaching in this area of neuroscience and to give patients the best support and services possible to help them reintegrate into society to a satisfactory level, as well as to promote full recognition of their rights and equal opportunities.”

Article 7 of the Fundació Institut Guttmann’s Statutes

An Organisation Offering Excellence

As a highly specialised health organisation, its mission is to provide at all times the best specialist neurorehabilitation care and the promotion of brain health, in a comprehensive, continuous, personalised manner and to the highest humanitarian, scientific and technical standards.

An Organisation Offering Expertise

With regard to the institute’s social and healthcare activity, its mission is to promote specialised personal, healthcare and social care services, aimed mainly at people with disabilities of neurological origin and their families. The aim is to provide them with the most appropriate support and services that contribute to enhancing their personal autonomy and improve their quality of life, in accordance with the principles of recognising their functional diversity, independent living and social inclusion.

An Organisation Offering Knowledge

As a University Institute attached to the UAB, its mission is to undertake academic, scientific and research aspects in neuroscience in general and neurorehabilitation and technologies applied to personal autonomy in particular, while transferring the results of its research to society through models of innovation that improve people’s quality of life.

An Organisation with a Commitment to Society

As a social initiative entity, its mission is to contribute to the most effective equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities through the promotion and development of prevention, outreach and social awareness activities, as well as working hand-in-hand with associations that represent this collective.

> Institutional Mission, Vision and Values.


The foundation’s Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest body of government and representation of the foundation. It is responsible for safeguarding, interpreting and developing the foundation’s aims expressed in its Statutes.

Sr. Francesc Homs i Ferret Chair
Sr. Salvador Alemany Mas Vice-Chair
Sr. Josep Arcas Romeu Secretary
Sr. Josep Armas Pujol Member
Sra. Núria Basi Moré Member
Sr. Enric Botí Castro de la PeñaMember appointed by the Fundación ONCE
Sr. Albert Carbonell QuerMember representing the “Social and Participation Council of the Institut Guttmann”
Sr. Antoni Esteve Cruella Member
Sr. Josep Giralt LladanosaMember
Sr. Xavier García AlbiolMember appointed by Badalona City Council
Sra. Irene Rigau Oliver Member
Sr. Josep M. Solé Chavero Member representing the “Social and Participation Council of the
Institut Guttmann”
Sra. Mònica Terribas Sala Member
Sr. Miquel Vilardell Tarrés Member
Social and Participation Council

The Institut Guttmann created the Social and Participation Council in 2004 to reinforce its social commitment to people with neurological disabilities, whilst promoting greater interaction and cooperation with associations who represent them. This initiative favours the participation and collective responsibility of all stakeholders involved in carrying out the foundation’s activities. Its main purpose is to identify emerging needs, propose new initiatives, and collaborate in taking decisions that the Board submits for its consideration. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Social Council are also members of the foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Representing Associations

– Ms. Bibiana Bendicho Latre – Chair of ASPID, Associació de Paraplègics i Discapacitats Físics de Lleida
– Mr. Albert Carbonell Quer – Vice Chair of the Council. Chair of MIFAS, Minusvàlids Físics Associats de Girona (Girona Association for the Physically Disabled)
– Mr. Luciano Fernández Pintor – Chair of FEDACE, Spanish Federation of Brain Damage
– Ms. Agustina Grandvallet – Chair of MIDE, Asociación de personas con diversidad funcional de Andorra
– Mr. Antonio Guillén Martínez – Chair of the Confederación ECOM Catalunya
– Mr. Blas Membrives Moya – Chair of the Asociación Catalana “HOGAR” del afectado de Esclerosis Múltiple
– Ms. Arantxa Ormazábal – Representative of ACAEBH, Asociación Catalana de Espina Bífida e Hidrocefalia (Catalan Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus)
– Mr. Ignacio Osorio de Rebellón Villar – Manager of PREDIF, Plataforma Representativa Estatal de Personas con Discapacidad Física
– Mr. Anxo Queiruga, Chair of COCEMFE, Confederación Española de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica
– Mr. Antonio Reyes Chica – Chair of ASPAYM Catalonia, Associació de Paraplègics i grans discapacitats de Catalunya (Association of Paraplegics and the Severely Disabled of Catalonia)
– Ms. Joana Rodríguez Pérez – Chair of APPC, Associats de Pòlio i Post-pòlio de Catalunya – Ms. Rosa Sanvicens Oliveras – Chair of TRACE, Asociación Catalana de Traumáticos Craneoencefálicos y Daño Cerebral (Catalan Association of Cranioencephalic Trauma and Brain Injury)

As experts of civil society

– Mr. Quim Bonaventura Ayats – Expert, former member of the boards of MIFAS, ECOM, COCEMFE, CERMI, and ex-councillor of Girona City Council
– Mr. Josep M. Bosch Vidal – Secretary of the Council. Lawyer, expert in health law and in personal data protection
– Ms. Dolors Colom Masfret – Expert in social work and director of Agathos magazine
– Ms. Asun Pié Balaguer – Disability researcher. Professor of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the UOC
– Mr. Josep M. Solé y Chavero – Chair of the Council. Lawyer, expert on social affairs and director of the Fundació Tutelar (Guardianship Foundation) of Girona
– Mr. Joan Subirats Humet – Political science professor and IGOP researcher – Mr. Antoni Vilà Mancebo – Law graduate, expert in social policy

Representing the government agencies

– Mr. Roger Cuscó Segarra – Head of Sectoral Programmes of the Departament de Benestar Social i Família (Department of Social Welfare and Family) of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)
– Representative of the Barcelonès Nord and Maresme/Vallès Oriental districts of the Servei Català de la Salut, Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya
– Mr. Xavier García Albiol – Mayor of Badalona
– Ms. Carme Riu Pascual – Member of the Governing Council of the Institut Municipal de Persones amb Discapacitat (Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities) of the City of Barcelona

Representing the Institut Guttmann

– Ms. Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart – Head of Medical Area
– Ms. Montse Caldés Santamaría – Manager
– Mr. Àngel Gil Origüén – Social Responsibilities Advisor
– Ms. Elisabet González Martín – Head of the CSR and Communication Area
– Mr. Xavier Pallàs García – Chair of the Work Council
– Mr. Josep M. Ramírez Ribas – Managing Director
– Mr. Josep M. Tormos Muñoz – Research Director – Mr. Joan Vidal Samsó – Education Director

Institut Guttmann – UAB Joint Committee

This is the planning and monitoring body for the academic and scientific activities of the Guttmann University Institute of Neurorehabilitation. It is formed by three representatives of the Institut Guttmann and three from the University, in order to coordinate the relationship between the two entities.

The makeup of the Joint Committee is published on the institute’s website. https://www.guttmann.com/en/joint-comittee

The Management Team

Formed by professionals in charge of the main areas of the organisation, this team is responsible for defining and enhancing the organisational culture, driving strategic plans and leading activities that derive from the Board of Trustee’s specific mandate. In statutory terms, the Managing Director, or CEO, is the foundation’s top executive.

Additionally, the institute is structured into different committees and commissions designed to monitor specific topics.

– Mr. Josep M. Ramírez Ribas – Managing Director
– Dr. Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart – Care Director
– Ms. Montse Caldés Santamaría – Manager
– Dr. Joan Vidal Sansón – Education Director
– Dr. Josep M. Tormos Muñoz – Research Director
– Dr. M. Victoria Amargós Maronda – Head of Admissions and Customer Service
– Ms. Antonia Enseñat Cantallops – Head of Neuropsychology and Social Work
– Ms. Elena Hernández Pena – Head of Nursing
– Dr. Josep Medina Casanovas – Head of Functional Rehabilitation
– Dr. Eloy Opisso – Head of the Research and Innovation Office – Ms. Elisabet González Martín – Head of the CSR and Communication Area

The makeup of the foundation’s governing bodies and management structures can be consulted online on the institute´s website.

Functional organigram