Responsible communication

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The Institut Guttmann puts its responsibility and desire for transparency into all the communication processes that govern its actions in relation to messages, channels and supports aimed at the internal and external audiences it communicates with. 

Accredited Institutional Web Portal GUTTMANN.COM

The institutional web portal of the Institut Guttmann is recognized as an Accredited Medical Web and has the HONCODE certification from the Swiss foundation Health on the Net which certifies that the medical content posted on the public website is true, has been checked by medical or scientific publications and that the institute has an Advisory Council that reviews content before uploading it to the network.

This year, the analytical data reflect the following results:

352,219 users visited the website.
They made 448,316 visits.
They visited over 1,212,913 pages.
70% of users are women and 30% are men.

Regarding the origin of the visits, over 36% are from Spain, followed by 20% from Mexico. The rest, in order, come from Colombia, Russia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Ukraine and United States.

57.3% of users access through a mobile device, while 40.5% do so from a desktop computer and 2.2% from a tablet.

Accredited Institutional Web Portal BARCELONA.GUTTMANN.COM

The website of Guttmann Barcelona is recognised as an Accredited Medical Website.

Guttmann Barcelona

42,641 users visited the website.
They made 53,438 visits.
They visited 101,918 pages.
70.5% of users are women and 29.5% are men.

Regarding the origin of the visits, 70% are from Spain, followed in order by Mexico, United States, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Almost 60.7% of users access through a mobile device, while 35.3% do so from a desktop computer and 4% from a tablet.

Social networks and other digital environments

The language used by the institute is accessible and clear; no inappropriate language is used and capital letters are not overused.

The photographs that accompany the content are always taken with the permission of the individuals that appear in them, in compliance with established guidelines.

We review all content that followers publish, respecting the right to freedom of expression and if it is considered pertinent, any comments that may cause offence or that use inappropriate language are deleted.

Data 2020

Facebook: 18,604 followers
Twitter: 11,043 followers
Linkedin: 7,258 followers
Instagram: 7,531 followers

Data 2020 Guttmann Barcelona

Guttmann Barcelona’s social networks were activated in mid-June 2020

Facebook: 396 followers
Twitter: 143 followers
Instagram: 489 followers