Guttmann, NeuroPersonal Trainer®

Guttmann NeuroPersonalTrainer

In 2022 the Foundation continued to concentrate on the benefits offered by the innovative proposals of the Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer®. New software like that used for mental health has therefore continued to be incorporated, as well as new functionalities to help facilitate the scalability of the system, such as the COGNITEST online cognitive assessment.

With regard to speech therapy, 26 new language tasks have been developed within the platform. They are aimed at patients with aphasia who, due to a stroke or other injuries, have difficulties understanding language or to express themselves.

This year, we have achieved an increase of over 35% of the number of patients seen within our system compared to 2021.

Almost 5,000 patients a year across the over 250 centres that use our services benefit from the activities of our Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer®.