Income statement

Compte de resulltats

Institut Guttmann, as a private foundation, is accountable to the Protectorate of Foundations, a body that protects, controls and supervises the Department de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as the Department de Salut and the Ministerio de Sanidad of the Spanish Government. The foundation maintains in all its activities, and promotes legal, honourable, ethical and responsible behaviour among the relationships that establishes.

The foundation has made ethical commitments in each of its areas of activity by the Code of Ethics and the Social Statutes of the Foundation, which establish the rules of good governance to be followed by all members of the Board of Trustees and the Managing Director, who is responsible for its management.

The institutional policy of Corporate Social Responsibility establishes, in a transversal way throughout all the organization, crosscutting integration, satisfaction, participation and commitment of all stakeholders in the care of people, the environment, good governance and transparency.  This is the document, which in line with the Foundation’s objective, expresses the will, objectives, orientations, strategies and continuous action of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance management system of the Fundació Institut Guttmann.

The organisation submits every year  an Audit of Accounts in order to guarantee proper management of its assets, as well as to national and international accreditation bodies that certify the safety and quality of its care and scientific and teaching activities, and the proper protection of the environment. Fundació Institut Guttmann is also a member of the Code of the Catalan Union of Hospitals and periodically submits itself to the corresponding audits in order to guarantee the confidentiality of all its actions by complying with the data protection law.


The Institut Guttmann, faithful to its policy of transparency, in addition to this annual publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, has permanently updated a section on its website “Code of Ethics, Transparency and Good Governance” in which all documents relating to the results of the activity and the withdrawal of accounts are published and available, among others, and it complements the provision of the Department de Justícia of 12 September 2018 in reference to the Law 21/2014 of 29 December and in compliance the transparency obligations to which foundations and associations declared of public utility are subject.

Furthermore, it regularly reports all its actions to the Social and Participation Council, in which are represented the main associations of people with disabilities to which the Foundation dedicates its services, experts from civil society and key government administrations involved in this area.

The Board of Trustees of the foundation is responsible for formulating the annual accounts in such a way that expresses the faithful image of the assets, the financial situation and the economic results of the financial year, in accordance to regulatory framework applicable in Spain.

Access the governing bodies of the institut Guttmann here.


 Neurorehabilitation Hospital776
 Income from the provision of care services26.911
 Accessory income3.645



External services




Personnel expenses


Management expenses


Depreciation and provisions


Extraordinary expenses

 Income from provision of services2.644

Diagnostic Area


Area of rehabilitation and specialised treatments

 Medical and Social Care Activity322
 Income from the provision of care services843

Research + Innovation



 Guttmann Barcelona Life® -190
 Other social activities-178

Publishing activity




Dissemination / Technical conference


Prevention / Game Over


Other Activities

RESULT "Friends of the Institut Guttmann"(*)484
 Management expenses-91
(data in thousands of euros)
Accounts at 31/12/21 audited by UniauditOliverCamps with favourable report.
(*) see destination of contributions in fundraising traceability table

The Economic Monitoring Committee of the Fundació Institut Guttmann, made up of members of the Board of Trustees, the management team and independent people from civil society, periodically supervises the foundation’s financial accounts and ensures the correct preparation of the annual accounts, budgets of the year, as well as any other financial advice or analysis commissioned by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Most of the Foundation’s income comes from its care activities as a high-specialised hospital, and especially from the service contract it has signed with CatSalut.

Medical Care Activity34.043
Provision of care services30.389
Other funding resources10.369
Accessory income3.654
Scientific activity1.653
Social activity548
Amics de l'Institut Guttmann590
Economic and other activities1.497
Leased property45
TOTAL INCOMES 202238.331
(data in thousands of euros)

The Institut Guttmann’s income from the provision of healthcare services is 30,4 million euros, of which 20,0 million (66%) correspond to the contract with CatSalut, and 10,4 million (34%) to other funders (traffic insurers, work mutuals, private patients, both national and international, and others); Income that allows it to achieve accounts with positive results and that, together with the 3,7 million euros of ancillary income, ensure the viability of the foundation and enable it to further its founding objectives. Income from scientific activity mainly corresponds to competitive research projects and enrollments in university teaching programs.

The income from social activities corresponds mainly to the residential services of the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments for 454 thousand euros, and to subsidies for the realization of other social activities, the most significant of which is the road safety campaign jointly developed with the Catalan Traffic Service . The “Friends of the Guttmann Institute” fundraising campaign collects donations from organizations, companies and individuals who support the foundation’s initiatives.

Finally, within the economic and other activities, it is worth highlighting the transfer to result of capital subsidies for 480 thousand euros, financial income and interest for 513 thousand euros and leasing of spaces in the Badalona hospital center for 45 thousand euros.


The percentage represented by the grants on the total income of the Foundation 2022 is 1,1%, for an amount of 345 thousand euros are derived from competitive research projects, 60 thousand euros are allocated to the accident prevention program from the Catalan Traffic Service of the Ministry of the Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya and 15 thousand correspond to a subsidy from the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Family for the computer room and pre-employment initiation.

. Research and innovation activity:Fons competitius
Ministry of healthtranslational research in neurorehabilitation and brain health166
- European CommunityPRECISE4Q, NISCI i VIGOUR projects
- ISCIII -Ministerio de Economía y CompetitividadFIS Cèl.lules mesenquimals, FIS Esceròsis múltiple i TERCEL projects83
- Ministry of Science and InnovationTIN-Active Vrain i REGAIT projects
- Spanish Patent and Trademark OfficePromoting patent applications overseas1
. Medical Care Activity:
- Dep. Treball, Afers Socials i Família - Generalitat de CatalunyaComputer and pre-employment Classroom15
. Social Activities:
- Servei Català de Trànsit - Generalitat de Catalunya"Game Over" prevention programme60
(data in thousands of euros)