Ubuntu programme


The aim of the Ubuntu Programme is to detect and act in a positive way to resolve or mitigate cases of vulnerability that affect our patients and that are or may be causes of suffering, marginalisation, abuse or social exclusion.

These situations, which due to their severity should be the subject of special professional attention, in turn require an empathetic and committed approach with those who experience them; they are often manifested in way that is not very evident and they are difficult to perceive, either due to the victim’s lack of knowledge of their own rights, out of fear, or due to being part of situations that could be considered uncomfortable.

In 2022 45 patients were treated through the Ubuntu programme with a total of 69 services, with details as follows:

Accommodation support for families 6
Clothing / hygiene products16
Condonation for orthosis16
Catering for families5
Financial support for transport4
Accommodation Program for the families32
It should be noted that the families accommodated thanks to this Program, spend a stay of 73.12 days.