Neurorehabilitation Hospital

L'hospital de Neurorehabilitació

The Institut Guttmann is an international centre of reference in neurorehabilitation, specialising in the medical and surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of adults, young people and children with spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury or other neurological disabilities. 

Its objective is to provide specialised, comprehensive, intensive, continuous and personalised care, based on scientific evidence and with the highest levels of compassion, science and technology.

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Neurorehabilitation team

The neurorehabilitation team at the Institut Guttmann is the soul of the hospital, working together on a daily basis to offer the best specialised and personalised care to every patient. Go to the website to get to know us!

We would like to highlight two milestones for 2022, in which we have taken another step forward as a high specialty hospital and centre of reference:

The Institut Guttmann, a centre of high expertise in the treatment of spinal cord patients with nerve transposition surgery of the quadriplegic hand.

In September 2022, the Institut Guttmann performed nerve transposition surgery at the Neurorehabilitation Hospital to improve the functionality of a quadriplegic patient’s hand. This neuro-orthopaedic surgery allows the transfer of a preserved nerve to another nerve located below the area of the spinal cord injury in order to recover the original function of the muscles that depend on this nerve, facilitating the movements of the hand and making them more natural. It is estimated that 50% of patients with quadriplegia can benefit from this type of surgery.

The intervention, which complements the extensive portfolio of services as a hospital specialising in neurorehabilitation, is added to the highly complex procedures already available at the Institut Guttmann as the only CSUR Centre in Catalonia in the treatment of patients with complex spinal cord injuries.

First agreement with Spain to offer a bariatric surgery  programme to patients with spinal cord injuries and morbid obesity

The Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol and the Institut Guttmann have started a joint collaboration to perform bariatric surgery in patients with morbid obesity and spinal cord injury.

This is the first programme of its kind to be carried out in Spain, now it has been verified that this surgery is safe and that it provides benefits for this type of patient. Initially, the people accepted onto the programme will be specially selected patients between 18 and 65 years old with a spinal cord injury of more than one year of evolution and with obesity that does not respond to medical and dietary treatment.

This new circuit is intended to offer a great improvement in the quality and life expectancy of patients with spinal cord injuries and morbid obesity, diseases that are already particularly complex in their own right, and to turn the Institut Guttmann/Hospital Germans Trias collaboration into a unique programme for this pathology throughout Spain. The experience of the Institut Guttmann, as the only National Reference Centre (CSUR) for the treatment of complex spinal cord injury in Catalonia and the experience of the Morbid Obesity Unit of Hospital Germans Trias in the treatment of obesity have allowed us to develop this unique and innovative project, benefiting from robotic bariatric surgery.

Hospital activity

Regarding care activities, a total of 4,948 patients were seen in 2022. Of these, 1,039 were attending for the first time. In addition, 745 patients were admitted and the children’s functional rehabilitation unit treated 230 boys and girls aged up to 16.

We should note that the Guttmann Barcelona centre opened in January 2019, which meant,  among other things, that some of the treatments that had taken place at the Neurorehabilitation Hospital before then would now be dealt with at this new centre. For this reason, for comparative purposes, activity that appears in the Guttmann Barcelona section should be added to that given below.

CatalONIA 94,05% 4.654
Other autonomous communities 4,14% and overseas 1,8%294
Catalonia 73,8% 550
Other autonomous communities 18,4% and overseas 7,8%195
Total new patients1.1291.0649731.1391.039
By type of injury
Spinal Cord Injury225230178234254
Adquired brain injury639580524501475
Others (GB, PRN, dystrophies, myopathies, progressives, post-polio, others)265254271404310

The distribution by age and sex of patients seen in 2022 was as follows:

From 0 to 16 years old1451883336,73%
From 17 to 30 years old1652764418,91%
From 31 to 45 years old35662998519,91%
From 46 to 60 years old6501.0571.70734,50%
From 60 years old6108721.48229,95%
Total 1.9263.0224.948