Prevention of other environment impacts

Prevenció impactes ambientals
The Institut Guttmann has an “Environmental and Energy Guide to New Projects, Works and Facilities”. Its aim, according to the commitment to the environment and energy and the Environmental and Energy Management Scheme, is to notify companies involved in works and facilities of the centre of the requirements to be met during the planning, execution and subsequent use of the space and/or facilities.

The different requirements to be met are listed below:

1. Know and comply with the Environmental and Energy Policy.
2. Strictly comply with environmental and energy legislation (EU, national, regional and local) regarding the use of hazardous substances, packaging and labelling, transport conditions, noise emissions and other environmental specifications that are applicable to the work and/or services performed.
3. Avoid unnecessary consumption of water, energy and other raw materials related to the facilities of the Institut Guttmann.
4. Whilst in the centre, no products prohibited by environmental and energy legislation should be used.
5. Clearly identify any product in terms of its level of risk, according to applicable legislation.
6. While contracted work and/or services are being carried out, they will be responsible for any environmental-related incident or accident, immediately informing those responsible for the purchase and/or service.
7. To avoid incidents, the responsible supplier or company will adopt appropriate preventive measures across the board that set out good environmental and energy management practices, particularly those related to preventing unwanted spills of liquids, emissions into the atmosphere and the dumping of any type of waste, paying particular attention to the proper management of those defined as hazardous.
8. Waste generated must be removed properly and/or disposed of in accordance with the centre’s internal waste management programme and the existing law.
9. Use materials and equipment that, once installed, require minimum maintenance and minimise waste generation.
10. Comply with the requirements of the Environmental and Energy Management System that specifically affect their activity.
11. Coordinate with the Prevention Service of the Institut Guttmann.